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We are a family run business that uses enthusiasm, technical excellence and the highest level of service to meet and exceed your strategic business objectives. Without the jargon!


We like to feel that we become part of the companies we support and as their external outside IT company we gain a great long-term relationship with our clients, several of our clients have been with Daniel for over 12 years.

We get that not everyone is tech savvy; this is why we will help you every step of the way in looking after your business technology needs in a proactive and planned measure.

The three pillars of CharDan IT are:

  1. Delivering outstanding service.

  2. Offering strategically successful solutions.

  3. Providing consistent customer satisfaction.


And we are Passionate (caring deeply about our work) Committed (to professionalism, excellence and innovation) and Collaborative (working with you to achieve your objectives).


Working closely with our clients, we provide you with comprehensive IT support and technology services from our UK base.


CharDan offer a range of support options that are all tailored to fit the individual demands of our clients. Full client testimonials can be sent on request.


CharDan does, what we do best - IT services and support and we strive to become the very best in what we do, we will never dilute our values by offering solutions that we cannot deliver.

We work with trusted and selected long term partners where we can offer full web and software development. Unlike many other IT providers, we will work with you to find the best solution for you, not us. Long term is always our aim.

Our office is based in Buckingham, but we offer our services throughout the UK.

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